------------------------El Arte es una Sublime Seduccion Intelectual por medio de los Sentidos.----------------------- The Art is a Sublime Intellectual Seduction by means of the Senses.

sábado, 17 de octubre de 2009

Biographical sketch

Daniel Romero.

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Was born in Veracruz city. Currently living in Monterrey city; Mexico.

He began his formal study of drawing and painting at 12 years old in the School of Arts of the City of Veracruz, he continued his artistic studies in workshops on the Veracruz Institute of Culture IVEC in the same city. Later extended the career of Fine Arts at the Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, the capital city of Veracruz state, where he obtained a scholarship to his Academic Performance and a scholarship of his Artistic Productivity at the University. Daniel collaborated with the artist Sol Levenson in the execution of a Commemorative Mural for the 50th Anniversary of the Universidad Veracruzana, which took place in the Central Building, and was financed by the Fullbrigth Foundation. He was subsequently a Fellow of the Veracruz Institute of Culture IVEC in the category of Young Artists. Developed their social service at the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa where he perfected during 2 years in the knowledge of techniques of pre-Columbian and Contemporary murals.

He has exhibited individually and collectively in various cities of Mexico, United States, Japan, Cuba, El Salvador, Hong Kong, among others. His work has been presented in public and private galleries.


His work focuses on the creation of artworks related to the concept of originality, giving a guideline to the creative process he called Visual Rhapsody which integrates with images made by himself with other appropriate elements of art history, popular culture Mexican or drawings made by children. Reusing some recognizable icons and images to create a new image, Romero uses a technique that mixing acrylics with other materials to obtain a semblance of old wall with plastic cement, acrilyc paint and Judean varnish with he captures in his work contemporary issues.

The Visual Rhapsody like creative process allows more freedom to perceive conceptual connections and relationships in certain topics of culture that interest him, for example: duality, complementary and dialectical pairs, numerical patterns observed in everyday life, the origin of the archetypes, the nature of God, the knowledge itself, to name a few recurring themes in his work.

Daniel Romero's work has a great sense of innocence, evidence reasons that we all remember from childhood, combined with this feeling for the sensitivity that shows the colors of his paintings, very typical colors of Mexico, and that in the world is so special stamp of Mexicans. Stressing cheerful and humorous themes in some detail, his work has a strong burden of sarcasm and irony and it is also a mixture of spontaneity and colorful. The work of Romero is a "Mexican art space" in the memory of those who admire his work. Its colors are Mexican, but its themes are universal.

Often combined with Latin texts in images executed in a pseudo-innocent style derived from the drawings made by children. Although a skilled draftsman academic, he seems to reject his academic knowledge in favor of a return to the method of intuitive perception and education is practiced in childhood.


From his studies at University he investigated new possibilities for improve pictorial formulas and procedures of the pre-Columbian and Contemporary painting. He experimented with different materials such as sand, plaster and different types of cement, which enriched by adding various binders and adhesives.

He developed a painting procedure that can be considered a portable mural.

Subsequently, he developed a technique that uses white cement which is added adhesive binders and polymers. This technique continued to be refined to achieve a highly adherent support, flexible, elastic and very resistant to shock and fractures. This technique be applied on surfaces such as canvas and wood mainly. When applied on canvas and thanks to the malleability and plasticity are achieved and the work can roll forward for further exposure and mounting rack. It should be noted that the work to drop back to its original condition with no visible damage or fractures, with the advantage of being resistant to moisture, heat, cold, as well as to sudden changes in temperature.

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